We make unique bags for unique Women.

Pure Italian tradition for true quality lovers.


I was born in Rome, the eternal city, where I lived, studied, and worked until 2013. The world of fashion has always been my greatest passion, also thanks to the family context where I grew up. My mother, in fact, worked for 35 years at La Rinascente and her sister is a successful leather goods business owner. I spent a lot of time after school at her shop helping, watching, learning how to value. So, growing up, I chose to make my dream come true. Designing and producing iconic bags according to authentic Italian traditions. It took a lot of study, research, commitment, and sacrifice. Certainly, I was lucky enough to find talented artisans, milestones of authentic Made in Italy, who support me in this wonderful journey. Vittoria Sella is a woman who embodies and symbolizes the values that my products represent and want to spread. Artisan work performed with passion and care. Sustainability as a product well-made last over time and reduces waste. The traditions, the good ones, are kept alive. The past helps us to live with responsibility and passion in the present and to look towards the future. The desire to bring abroad the talents of my country. Vittoria Sella can therefore embody every woman. Unique pieces, almost imperfect when compared to each other ‘cause they are really made entirely by hand. Therefore, we often like to say: a woman, her bag. The names given to each bag are inspired by real women. Women who have contributed, in different ways, to the achievement of this project. Like, for example, Belinda, the friend with whom I shared so much, starting from the passion for fashion and shopping. A woman with a refined taste that seeks and values quality and prefers linear shapes. Anna, my niece, a precious girl, modern and at the same time almost vintage for her elegant way of dealing with life. Or the Lidia1941 model, inspired by my mother and her year of birth. Simply a woman of taste and style. From the past we take a leap into the future with Vittoria, my beloved niece, daughter of my twin sister, the prime muse of all. I like to think that the story of Vittoria Sella has still many chapters ahead. 

Silvia Giombetti

Designed in Italy

Merging tradition and innovation gives life to bags with the right balance
between aesthetics and functionality. We create our bags with a clear sense of style and passion. The production cycle is entirely Italian. We simply do what we know best! Vittoria Sella, the authentic quality Italian handcraft. That’s why each bag is unique.

100% Handmade in Italy with passion and love.


Hand–stitched in Italy

Each Vittoria Sella bag is exclusively hand-stitched according to authentic Italian traditions.

Leather cutting, preparation, accessories assembling, stitching and finishing touch. Attention is paid to every single detail. Each bag is therefore “unique”, handmade with love and intended to last over time. Vittoria Sella embodies the values of “handcrafted luxury” traditions.

For those looking for functional, easy handling, qualitative bags. For fashion addicts with their own distinctive flair. For quality lovers: our leather is top notch and our bags, when properly used, last an entire life. For practical customers: roomy bags, versatile and easily adaptable to unlimited styles and uses.

Quality of materials

Only high-quality leathers are selected. The more you wear our bags, the more unique and fascinating they become. Quality and durability guaranteed over time, whether the leather color is natural or subject to artisanal treatments. Timeless modernity. Hardware and finishing materials are carefully selected to ensure the utmost quality.