We make unique bags for unique Women.

Pure Italian tradition for true quality lovers.

Founder and creator

I was born in Rome, the eternal city, where I lived, studied, and worked until 2013. The world of fashion has always been my greatest passion, also thanks to the family context where I grew up. My mother, in fact, worked for 35 years at La Rinascente and her sister is a successful leather goods business owner. I spent a lot of time after school at her shop helping, watching, learning how to value. So, growing up, I chose to make my dream come true. Designing and producing iconic bags according to authentic Italian traditions. It took a lot of study, research, commitment, and sacrifice. Certainly, I was lucky enough to find talented artisans, milestones of authentic Made in Italy, who support me in this wonderful journey. Vittoria Sella is a fantasy name. Vittoria is inspired by Victoria who in ancient Roman religion was the personified goddess of victory. She was represented as a young woman with wings, which are now the symbol of our logo. Sella (Saddle) is an appealing leather accessory with so much history that in the past has been protagonist of many travels and adventures. A metaphor of the modern-day warrior woman who extricates herself in the daily journey of life. Vittoria Sella can therefore embody every woman. Behind every bag there is indeed a real woman who inspired its design and characteristics. A woman, her bag. 

Silvia Giombetti

Designed in Italy

Each Vittoria Sella bag is the result of a careful research into the needs of women who are expected to wear it. For those looking for functional, easy handling, qualitative bags. For fashion addicts with their own distinctive flair. For quality lovers: our leather is top notch and our bags, when properly used, last an entire life. For practical customers: roomy bags, versatile and easily adaptable to unlimited styles and uses. We want to offer our customers the opportunity to have a product that lasts over time, able to tell not only a story, that of Made in Italy, but also the story of the person who wears it. There is nothing better than wearing (and storing for our heirs) a bag that has accompanied us for several years.


Hand–stitched in Italy

Each Vittoria Sella bag is exclusively hand-stitched according to authentic Italian traditions.

Vittoria Sella embodies the values of handcrafted luxury traditions. We want to keep the traditions alive, the good ones, and adapt them to current times. Our products are entirely handmade, created by expert artisans who work with passion, taking care of every little detail. Unique pieces, almost imperfect when compared to each other because they are really made by hand. We strive towards sustainability by only manufacturing products intended to last over time. We do not contribute to the concept of mass production and fast fashion; our production times consider the time required in the manufacturing of a handmade product.

Quality of materials

The more you wear our bags, the more unique and fascinating they become. Quality and durability guaranteed over time, whether the leather color is natural or subject to artisanal treatments. Timeless modernity.