Shooting the new Vittoria Sella campaign in an authentic Italian village filled with history and tradition.

Fossato di Vico in Perugia, Umbria, a village perhaps less known than others but still full of charm and antique landmarks. A bit like Vittoria Sella bags, we could say. A niche place for the ones who love a blend of antiquity and authenticity. 

“For women who take inspiration from the past to make the future.” 

We shot in the ancient medieval village, more precisely Fossato Alto, which shines in the suggestive round stone vaults carved by slits of light that cover a little road called Via delle Rughe, a rare example of thirteenth-century castellan architecture. We then moved to the park of Monte Cucco, where the respect for a truly unspoiled nature clearly resonates. We did it together with Laura and Letizia, who lent themselves for some shots unveiling the strength of their sisterhood with a genuine charm.

“For women who always have connections with true relationships.

We wanted to show the quality of our products, the work behind the “old school” Made in Italy, our traditions, and the passion for know-how. The heart of everything are always the women, sole leading lights of Vittoria Sella.


On tour with Vittoria Sella in Gallio. Magic atmosphere surrounded by snow. Wild nature, clear sky and fresh air. The perfect landscape for some pictures with our creations.



Art, materials, aesthetic and a strong passion, lasting for nearly 40 years.

Based on Gianpiero Casarotto’s words. Born in Vicenza, owner and founder of Images.

Vicenza, early 80ies. The “manifesto” is widespread and Gianpiero is thrilled by the possibility to have artwork replicas at home. He then decides to start his own business in Corso Antonio Fogazzaro, a place of art where many artisans display and sell their products.
Flea markets become trendy places, either antiques, textiles or miscellaneous.
Gianpiero actively participates and supports the artisan’s association “Antichi Mestieri”.

Over the following years Gianpiero, driven by a strong passion, continuously works looking for innovations. 

A deep knowledge of the materials, the drive to experiment and his know-how allow him to offer peculiar artworks unconventionally assembled.



Gianpiero believes that aesthetic and technology have linked one another. Aesthetic is represented by maturity, knowledge and experience. The ability to understand how to complement an artwork giving it an added value. Technology is the practical knowledge of the different techniques, the manual skills that make an artist out of an artisan.

The focus is always the customer.

The customer has to comprehend his art craft and love it. There is no other way to make him happy

The story of generations, the story of a tradition.

Linda is surrounded by art and culture since her young age. Her mother is a paintress and her father an artisan. She developes a unique taste and contributes to give Images a modern touch while preserving its strong traditions.

When you walk into the shop, you cannot avoid but noticing the arrangement, the colors, the lightings, the materials and unique artworks that will definitely set a trend and cannot be found elsewhere!

Customer’s expectations are the main focus for Linda too. 

She listens carefully, gives personalized suggestions and is available to identify the most suitable solution for everyone.

Corso Antonio Fogazzaro, 146,
36100 Vicenza VI

Gianpiero and his daughter Linda inside their showroom. 

E. Dal Monico

E. Dal Monico

A history of traditions, passion and innovation lasting 132 years, in the very heart of Vicenza.

Everything starts when Ermenegildo Dal Monico, in the year 1888, opens an engraving shop.
Thanks to his intuition, ability, and even the “magic” of the location (behind the Basilica Palladiana central arch), in a few years Ermenegildo won a golden medal at Esposizione Artistica Industriale di Vicenza and a silver medal at Esposizione Operaria Italiana di Torino.
The business grows over the years and, by the end of last century, the company starts producing metal and rubber stamps, enamelled cloisonné medals together with stamps and minting for gold bars.

Research and development bring the company to specialize
in engravings for the industrial field.
After the 60ies, a second branch of the company is opened
at Castelnovo di Isola Vicentina.

Know-how, passion, a strong focus on customers coming from different industries (automotive, nautical, etc…), the ability to realize complex productions make the company a reference point both
in Italy and abroad.

Table dated 1800 used by goldsmiths.

The Camera di Commercio di Vicenza gives the prestigious recognition “Omaggio al Lavoro e al Progresso Economico” after 130 years of activity in the engraving field.

Plaque given to Ermenegildo dal Monico in 1888 during “Esposizione Artistica Industriale” di Vicenza.

Stamp dated 1950 used for engraving.


Tribute to the “historical shop”, today administrative headquarter of E. Dal Monico.

How the insight of a single person effected five generations
by creating a long-lasting family tradition.
An ancient workshop recognized by every citizen as integral part
of Vicenza.

Tradition and innovation: 5 generations united by the same ability
to tailor-make their own work according to specific customer’ needs.

A magic place where you can breathe history, arts and culture scrolling over the centuries.

The first floor of the old E Dal Monico shop – see window with lights on – was used as a workshop by the architect Andrea Palladio.
Just under the window– see picture 1 and 2– were found some drawings that might actually belong to Andrea Palladio.
Let’s say, we love Italian well doing!

E. Dal Monico
Piazza dei Signori, 42,
36100 Vicenza VI

Forth and fifth generation: Bruno Dal Monico and Alice Dal Monico.