Vittoria Sella meets art.

A day with Italian Opera singer Claudia Pavone.

We had the honor to spend a day with soprano Claudia Pavone, one of the brightest star of lyrical singing.
A talented woman, an example of great determination, who has committed herself with sacrifice, constant study and discipline to achieve her dreams.
Personally selected by maestro Riccardo Muti for the role of Violetta in La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi, Claudia Pavone gain great consensus from the public and the most prestigious Italian theatre’s critique until she became an international star.
A simple woman, yet eclectic and sophisticated. Full of colors and shades just like Vittoria Sella bags.
Her smile, enthusiasm and natural beauty gave life to these shots where we asked her to reinterprete our bags celebrating the bond between art and fashion.
Because, as Oscar Wilde said, “Life imitates art far more than art imitates life”.

Claudia Pavone IG claudia_pavone_soprano


Vittoria Sella's bags have sneaked into CasaElmy, a charming boutique located in the historic center of Vicenza.

New pieces of furniture, like the table and the bookcase, designed and made in Italy by skilled artisans. The bedside table with a classic and sober shape of modernist taste, coming directly from the Deco era. And even fine fabrics, furnishing accessories, lamps, porcelain, mugs and glasses.
A continuous journey looking for original and valuable artifacts.
Then, a spot dedicated to women: trendy Italian costume jewelry, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and finally spectacular jewel scarves, embellished with stones.
A journey between taste and style, between matter and design. A fusion of ancient and modern.
We took a few shots with our Lidia1941, modern with a vintage taste. Below you can find a collection of photos .

CasaElmy in Contrà San Biagio 51, Vicenza. 

Burano, Murano and Torcello

Venice is much more than just charm and beauty.

We went on a tour to Murano, 
Burano and Torcello, three iconic islands
of the Venice lagoon.
Enjoy some of the pictures
we took while walking around
with our bags.

Burano famous for its lace making and its colorful houses.

Torcello is one of the oldest
and most prosperous settlements
in the lagoon.

Murano, famous for its furnaces and glass manufactoring.

Circolo Ippico Valpolicella

On the top of the saddle, saying goodbye to the tower of San Pietro in Cariano, leaving for our walk

Valpolicella, Verona.

Land of great wines, surrounded by hills, where the river flows in so many colors and shapes. From the Chiusa di Ceraino, which houses the Adige River, to the fort of Monte di Sant’Ambrogio. From the “Marogne”, which marks the fields borders, to the stone slabs of Prun. From the ancient aristocrat residences to the Romanesque churches where the stone became sacred … Valpolicella captivates all the visitors who dare to know more about it.

Lisa Brunelli with some of the CIV guests. Sweet, Bagigio and Elsa.

Lisa and the horses: a tale of passion.

When Lisa was 16, she found herself a summer job as assistant in a horse club. Shortly she became managing 30 horses autonomously. She was promoted as horse instructor and started thinking about opening her own riding school. 7 years ago, Lisa took finally over the management of Circolo Ippico Valpolicella. She started with 20 horses and today she manages 70.
For Lisa horses and theirs needs always come first. She knows very well that horses are born to move. This is why she allows them to run freely around the endless lands of the club. Friendships and partnerships develop between them. Lisa describes how 4 horses, 2 males and 2 females, have chosen to live together. Well, it seems like the 2 males do not allow other male horses to look at “their” females!

A place where you can establish relationship between people and animals

The horse club, a meeting with nature.

Lisa turned her horse club into a place where you can literally live experiences, with the right approach towards the horses and the land.
They offer learning itineraries with qualified professionals, horse training and American riding lessons. And, for the horses, they have care and boarding services. And then, the walks… When Lisa describes horseback riding, she mentions an absolute sense of freedom. Because the walk is an encounter with nature through an unusual, different perspective. Fields, vineyards and woods cherished and crossed together with an animal, the horse, with which a sharing bond is established. A melting pot of sensations that varies according to the seasons and the colors and makes this experience unique and unforgettable.

Circolo Ippico Valpolicella Via A. Monga, 14 – 37029 San Pietro in Cariano VR

The stable blonde, Paco controls every movement