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Vittoria Sella, where timeless elegance blends with contemporary flair.

Established in 2019, our brand is synonymous with exquisite craftsmanship and style.
Each Vittoria Sella bag is a masterpiece, meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans who put their passion into every stitch. Our dedication to preserving Italy's artisanal legacy shines through in every detail, creating iconic pieces that captivate the senses.

With a firm commitment to sustainability, we stand against the norms of mass production and fast fashion. Instead, we embrace a production ethos that honors tradition and quality, crafting products built to last a lifetime.
The beauty of artisanal craftsmanship and the timeless allure of Italian design. Vittoria Sella, where heritage meets innovation, and style knows no bounds.

Our journey

My story begins from the heart of Rome, the eternal city, where I was born. A tale of passion, heritage, and the pursuit of dreams. Fashion has forever coursed through my veins, a legacy cultivated by the vibrant atmosphere of my upbringing. In the halls of La Rinascente, where my mother worked for 35 years, and within the walls of my aunt's thriving leather goods shop, my love for craftsmanship blossomed.

Immersed in this world from an early age, I absorbed the wisdom of artisans, witnessing the meticulous artistry behind each creation. Fueled by this fervor, I embarked on a quest to weave Italian tradition into the fabric of modern goods.

My journey demanded dedication, countless hours of study, and sacrifices. Yet, I was lucky to find talented artisans, guardians of Italy's authentic craftsmanship, who guided and inspired me.

Each creation is a testament to the spirit of a woman—her dreams, her aspirations, her journey. A woman, her bag.

Vittoria Sella is a name born from fantasy —a name infused with symbolism and strength. "Vittoria," echoing the triumph of Victoria, the winged goddess of old, now our logo's emblem. "Sella," an ode to the saddle—once a companion to adventurers and wanderers throughout history—now reborn as a symbol of modern empowerment.
In every stitch, in every curve, Vittoria Sella embodies the essence of womanhood.

Silvia Giombetti, Founder